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Welcome to a new semester with BEC

We will keep striving to bring you the best English learning experience, making better use of the resources we already have and bringing in new resources whenever possible. The web page is back to its full potential as a tool to help your development. Feel free to visit it often and enjoy the content designed exclusively for you. You should also find here the latest news, schedule, notices about events, and extra activities to help you improve your English. Consider this an extension of your lessons. Your participation and suggestions are more than welcome.

Exclusive Pages

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BEC individual students have an exclusive section in this website and enjoy content developed exclusively for them. Each group also has its own section and content added in accordance with the group's needs. In their sections, individual students may have the chance to interact with other individual students, while group students will interact with their classmates. Online interactions may include several activities plus the proofreading of written assignments.

Debate Club

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This is an activity for upper-intermediate to advanced learners willing to study and practice debate and issues closely related to public speaking, such as rhetoric and argumentation. In the processes, participants also learn about discourse organization, vocabulary choice and usage, rate of delivery, articulation, emphasis, volume, and more. If you are willing to join the club, please let us know. The club will meet once a week, on Saturday mornings. Participation is free for BEC regular students and costs a small fee to other English learners who are willing to join it.
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